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AVAILABLE: Pilipina Homestay Coordinator !!! Hello, I am looking for a "Part-time Homestay Coordinator" position. I am somewhat familiar with the concept. A more... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-23
Need job! Hi my name is Cayla and I'm looking for a full time or part time job and I'm available to work weekdays and weekends ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-23
looking for work as soon as possible Hi my name is Gabriel and I am interested in customer service, either by phone or face to face I have experience with... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-23
looking for overnights 20+ yrs customer service work. Excellent people skills and sales ability. The needs of my family warrant me leaving m... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-23
looking for a fulltime job ASAP im looking for a fulltime job anywhere thats avaliable asap, just got let go from my previous job. I have open avalib... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
Looking for temporary part time work Looking for part time work just a few nights a week. I have retail experience, cashier experience and extensive custo... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
Offer to provide nursing services I am a registered nurse with strong background looking for casual work to provide services to people in need of nursi... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
Mom needs work 26 year old female looking to get back into the work force. Just finished my maternity leave and have already placed ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-18
WANTED: Part-time Remote Customer Service Representative !!! Hello, I am interested or looking for a "Remote Customer Service Representative" position. I will be your "After-Ho... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-18
Looking for day work- I'm very versatile in service Hi, Just tossing this out there I'm a Bit of a Jack of all trades. I've been at the hospitality and service game for ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-18
Need Job ASAP I am a mature woman that has worked in customer service for many years.  I am looking for something that is primarily... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-18
Love to learn No experience I'm really quick to learn and adapt easily to new environment , I have no experience in this field and ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-18
Self Motivated Team Player!! Objective To obtain full-time employment with your company and use my education and job experiences to aid in the com... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-14
WANTED: Job Recruiter Specialist !!! Hello, I am interested in starting my own recruiting agency from Winnipeg to recruit people from countries such as ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-14
JOB NEEDED I am 16 years of age looking for work as i am out of job at the moment,i am a fast learner and seeking to learn new s... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-14
AVAILABLE: Virtual Receptionist Evenings//Weekends !!! Hello, I will be available to answer your calls for your business after-hours. Hours: Monday to Friday from 6pm t... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-14
Looking for part time work Looking for part time work 2 evenings a week. Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-12
par-time retail work I am looking to build costumer service experience to ad on my resume, preferably store front. I am a well spoken youn... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-12
Extra Cash $1000-$5000 a month Are you looking to make extra cash? Working Part Time 10-15 hrs a week. If you are serious about making some extra in... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-12
ready for success and helping others if your a devoted inspirational motivated dedicated committed individual who wants to achieve their hopes and dreams ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-09
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