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Wanted: Looking for free pet Anyone who has any free caged animal and that is willing to deliver please email me Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-23
Wanted: Looking for some tank mates! If you're downsizing your tank or no longer able to care for your fish I'm looking for 3-5 tank mates (of the same ty... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-23
Beneful Dog Treats
Beneful Dog Treats I received a 34g sample of Beneful dog treats in the mail, but I do not have a dog . Expires July 2014, includes $1 c... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-22
Free orange 1 year old male cat Free to good home need him gone asap hes really friendly good with kids not a hyper cat litter trained comes wit litt... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-22
Need to find a good home for my RES turtle asap!!! My tank for my turtle just broke. And I can't afford a new one. I need to find a good home for my 1 year old Red Eare... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-22
Wanted: Will take in your pets you can no longer care for If you can no longer look after your pet we might be able to. Currently we have A ball python A corn snake A king s... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-22
3 yr old black lab We are moving next month and cannot bring our dog. She is very large about 75 lbs. She is very well trained and great... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-22
Free Female 5 years old sweetie she lives with other cats and small dog she is fixed if you would like to have her please ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-22
Free to a good home
Free to a good home LIght brown female tabby, three years old, spayed and tattooed. Great with children ,good natured and very affectiona... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
Free Dog Hi, I have a 8mth old Husky/ German Sheppard dog to give away, he is hous trained, good with kids and very smart dog... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
Wanted: KITTY NEEDS LITTERBOX AND LITTER There's a kitty here but he's not mine. Iunno he just roams around in this rooming house. No one looks after him So ... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
6 month old male cat.
6 month old male cat. This 6 month old male cat is litter trained and has been a indoor cat. He is very good with kids and also bigger dogs... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
Free Siamese Female 5 years old sweetie she lived with other cats and small dogs we just don't have time for her if you would like... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
Wanted: looking for a kitty. LOOKING FOR A KITTEN TO LIVE WITH ME IN MY LITTLE 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-21
FREE CAT!!!!! Free cat & litter box. Took to help a friend but we are now moving to new place that does not allow cats. Female grey... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-20
Wanted: WANTED: Rats I have an extremely large, three level cage sitting dismantled in the basement. This cage is desperate to be filled w... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-20
Wanted: need cat any cat preferably young n trained Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-20
Wanted: YOUNG KITTEN WANTED. Hi, I am asking for someone to contact me if they have kittens they want to give to a good home. I have a 6 y\o son w... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-20
Lab/Retriever to give away I have to give my dog away I work 12 hours shifts and do not have time for him. I would like him to go to a good fami... Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-20
Yellow lab 8 month old yellow lab to give to a good home. She is spayed and up to date on all her shots. Favorites Winnipeg 2014-01-19